What is Patchwork?
Patchwork is a multimedia art and music festival that takes place over 10 days in the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan. Patchwork is an annual festival with a once in a lifetime feel to it.

Where is Patchwork?
Patchwork is in the Great Lakes Bay Region. We are all over the place! 10 days and over a dozen events will have you bouncing back and forth between Saginaw, Bay City, Midland, and Flint! Check our EVENTS page out for more info!

Why is there a Patchwork Art and Music Festival?
The Patchwork Art and Music Festival brings a unique style of contemporary art, music, film and culture to a region of Michigan that is hungry to receive it. We are bringing large festival culture to an area that has only seen segments of it.

Why should I go to Patchwork?
You should go to Patchwork for the time of your life, right in your backyard. If you like zany art, a mix bag of genre’s of music or seeing different corners of many cities, Patchwork is for you. You should go to Patchwork to experience some of the best music, people and atmosphere that the entire country has to offer.

How do I contact Patchwork ?
Send an email to info@patchworkis.com or use any one of our social media accounts. Tweet at us!?

Is Patchwork safe? Is it all-ages?
Patchwork is very safe. We take many precautions to make sure that everything is done professionally and that customers can enjoy themselves with peace of mind. Patchwork is an all-ages festival, but we suggest that parents dropping off kids see for themselves. We offer a little something for every age group, 0-100.

How do I get involved in Patchwork?
We are always looking for talented people with a passion for community and the arts, if you think that is you, don’t hesitate to email ben@counterculturearts.org or curtis@counterculturearts.org. If you think you’re band should play the next addition of the festival, or you have made a film or a series of art, send it to submissions@patchworkis.com